Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Surf Fishing Tackle for the Sound

I live plainly north of Seattle, and I have noticed something odd about Puget Sound. People who don't live here tend to forget it’s there (my in-laws, who live in Eastern Washington, call my area *the coast*, as though the Olympic Peninsula didn't exist). Or else they think of the Sound like just a big lake.

It's not the big lake. First of all, Puget Sound is just that, a sound. That's a small sea (or part of one) or inlet, bigger than a bay, wider than a fjord, and deeper than a bight.
It’s a salt water body. It has tides (oh, boy, does it ever have tides!) and requires surf fishing tackle if you plan to fish in it.

Stories from the Ice Fishing Shanty in Alaska

My grandma used to live in Alaska before she came down to Washington State. We have never gone up there, but we love to hear about all of the great things that appeared to her when she was living up there.
Alaska is a unique area overall, and some of the strangest experiences could only take place up there in the biting cold.

She used to go ice fishing with some of her friends up there in Alaska. She always tells us the story about a fish that for some reason seemed to want to be picked.
When they were fishing in the ice fishing shanty, the fish burst out of the ice hole that they'd cut and landed flopping on the ice. They caught a fish without using any fishing line.